The BECKSearch platform democratises the knowledge in your organisation by enabling peer-to-peer sharing. This tool can be licensed by organisations of any size and we will work with your in building a digital skills catalogue of your organisation. Through gamification and alignment with your strategic goals this will activate knowledge sharing across teams & departments, between levels and locations.

HR will receive regular reports which include key information like what staff were searching for, what staff requested, what jobs were bought and who is most active. By linking knowledge sharing to your organisation’s KPIs or other rewards sharers will have a significant drive to share, beyond helping their colleagues.

When your staff have questions where do they go? You can’t rely on a manual or training portal to give you detailed, in-depth answers that are adapted to your situation. BECKSearch helps your staff access the experience and insights they need, delivering better results while promoting knowledge and skills transfer within the organisation, irrespective of geographic, departmental or hierarchical barriers.

“How do I use this software package? How can I improve my sales techniques? I want advice about working abroad.”

Give your staff access to your organisation’s wisdom with BECKSearch.

1. Search for the knowledge you need

Search for the knowledge that you need and compare providers based on what’s important to you: their experience, location, rating, etc. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, place a custom enquiry.

2. Supply your brief

Explain what you want to learn. Be as detailed as possible so the knowledge provider can share experiences and insights that are relevant to your context.

3. Meet online or in person

Arrange a suitable time to meet. You may choose to meet in person if convenient for you and the knowledge sharer. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to meet online using video conferencing technology like Skype.

4. Approve service delivered

Once you are happy with the service, you can mark the transaction complete. Thank the seller by leaving a review.

BECKSearch provides you with an opportunity to see what knowledge your staff need, and who are the key Sharers in your organisation. Their unique life/work experience could save somebody else a lot of time and trouble. Is it the quiet Executive Assistant who can help make the invoicing process more efficient? Or John, who can share his perfected his pitch? Your staff have learned a lot working here, let them share it with everyone.

1. Post your service

Post a job: describe how you can help and advise others. Can you share your experience over the phone, in a one-hour consultation? Can you deliver a service? Be as specific as possible so your colleagues will know exactly what you are offering

2. Communicate promptly

Respond to enquiries, as well as requests for custom offers, within a reasonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

3. Build your reputation

Make sure you treat all of your customers the same, and try to provide the best possible. Satisfied colleagues will recommend you to the wider BECKSearch community. HR will receive reports on the number of successful transactions so you will get credit for the help you have given!