Unlock, share and record your organisation's knowledge

Our enhanced peer learning and facilitation service can help your training and events by:

  • Leveraging  existing knowledge in the organisation
  • Ensuring the most valuable knowledge-sharing connections take place
  • Facilitating introductions and networking
  • Identifying future training requirements
  • Bringing a new, inclusive, interactive approach to your sessions
  • Upskilling your staff
  • Promoting teamwork and cross-selling
  • Providing solutions for individuals and teams facing specific career challenges
  • Protecting and retaining institutional knowledge
  • Increasing the return on your existing L&D spend

It might seem obvious, but knowledge is shared when people meet.

Fostering meaningful connections between employees and facilitating cross-line conversations is a key concern of the HR and L&D Teams we work with. Similarly, event organisers are tasked with creating structured networking at conferences.

And yet in practice, we know that these conversations don’t always happen organically.

That’s where we come in.

We engineer purposeful, mutually beneficial exchanges, turning training and events into effective peer-to-peer learning experiences.

Four Phase Peer Learning

1. Identifying what people really want to know

What do people want to learn more about? This can be based on a poll of the participants, or centered on a previously defined training target.

In this phase we collect participants’ feedback on what they would like to learn, where they are at currently, and where they would like to improve. This granular picture of their needs and expectations allows us to move on to Phase 2.

2. Finding the knowledge in the room and matching participants

Within seconds our proprietary algorithm matches participants up according to their responses. This gives highly targeted, relevant matches: participants are optimally matched based on their knowledge levels and learning needs.

The flexible system can accommodate custom pairings, and will automatically adjust matches to meet your needs. We can coordinate the meetups for each match, or email participants to help them arrange knowledge sharing sessions.

3. Facilitating peer learning and productive conversations

Our workshops are serious fun. Through a range of proprietary activities, we encourage participants to break the ice, and get into deep, purposeful knowledge exchange faster. Each knowledge sharing pair is the equivalent of a one-to-one, custom tutorial.The buzz of energy in the room is palpable. These peer-to-peer activities are complemented and enhanced with short, targeted mini-presentations from our expert facilitators.

Through it all, participants take notes on their exchanges by answering polls and surveys. All this data is captured for them to anchor the knowledge nuggets they came across. The data is also highly valuable to organisers as a faithful, fine-grained picture of who knows what within the organisation, and at what speed knowledge sharing is happening.

4. Unlocking and sharing insights

In real time, we share colourful infographics of the knowledge captured at the event while participants reflect on what they learned – and who they learned it from.

The result: stronger ties between participants, and better diffused knowledge. Each participant has learned something worthwhile that is strongly tailored to their own needs. They were able to ask follow-up questions from their peer on the spot. They also got to know a colleague and their specific expertise.

Each individual has increased their own store of knowledge, but also their knowledge of their network: now they know who knows what, and they have a warm connection to that person.

After the event we also deliver a bespoke, eye-catching, detailed report that provides a snapshot of the current knowledge-sharing landscape in your organisation. This will help you target and tailor future training to ensure maximum impact.

To discuss how we could help unlock the potential of peer learning in your organisation, please get in touch.

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